Who is CVC? I’ve never heard of you.

Actually, you may not be familiar with our company name (yet), but you know the players: Peter Morse, Gina Morse, and Jack Mitchell. Together they have decades of automotive industry experience. You can read their bios here.

What’s so special about CVC?

Our products are excellent. In fact, we are the first company to be certified for 23,000 lb. air disc brakes by the Performance Review Institute. Just as importantly, we’re a different kind of company. We are quick, responsive, and ready to get you what you need.

What does “The Power Behind Performance” mean for me?

With 20 years of experience selling over 200 million sets of brakes, it means we make exceptional quality products that perform reliably under the harshest of conditions. Our company is all about performance, too, focusing on our customers’ needs.